Why is my room so dusty?

Do you clean your room each day and still end up asking yourself why is my room so dusty? Well, 50% of this dust comes from dead skin cells.

Why is my room so dusty?

The other components of home dust include clothing fibers, bacteria, hair, and also microscopic soil particles. The bedding fibers likewise tend to generate dust. In addition, if you have family pets that dropped hair, that can also be a reason for dust accumulation.

Why is My Room So Dusty?

Despite just how commonly you clean the room, dust finds its way right into your bedroom. You have actually attempted shutting the doors as well as windows, as well as maintaining doormats, yet dust seems to build up so quickly.

Do you know what’s also worse? Not being able to find where it comes from. If you wish to tackle this mysterious dust accumulation problem, initially, let’s discover what makes your room dusty.

Bedroom Appliances

Some bedroom home appliances such as the air conditioner are significant contributors to bedroom dust.

There are high chances that your AC filter obtained obstructed with dust, dirt particles, as well as pollutants. As soon as the filter gets blocked, it can not collect more dust. This dust enters your room as well as chooses the carpet.

On the other hand, ceiling fans are additionally devices that are hard to keep tidy. Followers obtain covered in dust layers that fall on various surfaces in your room and cause dust accumulation.

Rugs and Fabrics

Often, it appears practically difficult to eliminate dirt from your room completely. It is due to the fact that your carpetings, carpets, as well as other fabrics, are dust collectors.

If you haven’t transformed your carpet in over a year, the opportunities are that it is a bed loaded with dead skin cells, dandruff, and dirt. This dust does not mysteriously enter your room. It is the outcome of months of accumulation on your rugs.

Why is my room so dusty
Regular cleaning can reduce dust

The dust particles airborne that originates from windows and also ceiling fans decide on the carpet. They prowl in the fibers of your bedsheets and rugs. When you make use of a broom to cleanse the carpet, this settled dust obtains disturbed and also finds its way on other surfaces.

Dust particles can decide on your bed sheets as well as pillowcases too. Sleeping on the same sheets can add to dandruff and dead skin cells in your room. This practice can cause allergic reactions and acne.

Dead Skin Cells

Dead skin cells accumulate to form dust that covers your room. As gross as it seems, it’s real. According to a study, an average human loses concerning 30,000 dead skin cells per min.

If you get involved in more calculation, you’re never going to step into a dusty room ever before again.

Dead skin cells and hair make up 50-70% of the dust. Therefore, the likelihood of your bed sheets as well as laundry having dead skin flakes is high. When you turn on the follower, this disrupts the dust which chooses your bookshelves and tabletops.


Lots of people do not understand it, but their family pets are the leading factor for the dust. Humans can bathe or clean up after themselves if they really feel dirty. The very same does not apply to pets. If you fall short of cleansing them frequently, they can bring dust right into the residence. We will certainly be honest with you that even if you shower and clean them regularly, they will certainly still bring dust right into the house.

Pets can be very dusty

Leaky Windows

Open windows can lead to a dusty bedroom because they are the entrance for outdoor dirt particles and also plant pollen. If you live near a building area, this concern can become worse. Besides that, the windy season can also add to more dust entering your room.

The window internet is not excellent for obstructing dust. In addition to dirt particles, various other toxins can likewise enter your room. Along with dirt, the contaminants such as mold and mildews, dander, as well as fibers develop dust. This dust picks the surfaces of your room.

Besides making your room unclean, dust and plant pollen that enter your room are hazardous and can create respiratory system infections.

Air Conditioning

If you have a central air device, then you’re hopefully conscious that you have to consistently change the air filter.

The function of the air filter is to trap dust and also particles from getting involved in the system as well as damaging it.

Nonetheless, as the air filter obtains unclean, much less and also less dust ends up being trapped and it can wind up streaming via your home vents and right into your room.

That’s why you need to change this filter every few months in order to keep the system and decrease the amount of dust that gets redistributed around your house.

How to Keep Room Dust Free?

There are a number of points that you can do to keep a room dust free:

Dust Correctly

Most people make use of a towel to eliminate the dust. At that time, the dust is removed, and the person believes they have done an exceptional job. However, they do not get rid of the dust. Rather, it is suspended airborne as well as will be back once more.

microfibre towel
Use a wet microfibre cloth

Following are some superb alternatives:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Wipes
  • Damp cloth
  • Damp sponges

They gather the dust properly as the particles adhere to them. You can make use of a wet mop to cleanse the floors. On the whole, wet mops and also clothes are much better options for effective cleansing as they maintain the dust away.

You must likewise cleanse the devices and furniture in your room. Racks, as well as electronic devices, gather one of the most dust. Remove pots and showpieces and tidy them. Try to dust your room twice a week to prevent the build-up of excessive dust.

Clean Your Carpets and Change your Beddings

If you want to remove the dust on your rugs and also bed linens, you need to cleanse them completely. You can make use of a vacuum cleaner to clean up the carpetings and also carpets.

Try to prevent using carpet brooms and blowers. They blow the dust into the room, making the procedure of cleaning much tougher.

In addition, you can alter your bedsheets and also pillowcases regularly. When you invest a long day running tasks, try to deal with your clothes in the laundry room as they lug dirt.

See to it that you wash your cushion cover as well as comforters as well. All these small changes in cleaning can help you reduce dust in your room.

Clean the Air Conditioner Filter

As stated earlier, the AC filter may be obstructed, permitting the dust to get away right into your room. As opposed to calling a professional, we suggest that you clean the filter yourself. Why? It is a very easy process that does not need unique abilities. All you require to do reads the customer guidebook as well as see how to clean up the filter. If it does not mention the filter, you can learn it online from a YouTube tutorial or blog.

Buy an Air Purifier

If your room obtains dusty also after cleaning up the air conditioning filters as well as ceiling fans, it’s time to purchase a good air purifier.

Air purifiers feature a range of filters. These filters can boost the top quality of indoor air. They have HEPA as well as carbon filters that can trap dust particles and plant pollen. They additionally aid to filter pollutants as well as are an excellent way to reduce dust in your room.

Besides that, air purifiers can conserve you from several breathing concerns as well as breathing infections.

Maintain Your Windows Shut

Windows are the primary wrongdoer that brings dust to your room. It is essential to maintain them shut if you live near a building website. Dusty weather and also plant pollen periods can additionally impact the amount of dust that enters your room.

If you want to minimize the dust that enters through home windows, you need to close them every single time you leave your room. Make sure you get the glass covers for your windows.

You can take a look at the window sill or the grills around it. You’ll see a lot of dust balls as well as gathered dirt. It is necessary to cleanse the windowsills; otherwise, this dirt can enter your room.

This dirt can create cardio troubles; therefore, it’s important to clean the home windows, grills, as well as nets.


There isn’t one guaranteed response to the inquiry, “why is my room so dusty?”. Nonetheless, carpets, bedroom appliances, as well as leaky windows are just several of the important things that make your room unclean.

So if you desire to get rid of the dust, determine the dust sources and get rid of them.

We wish that a few of our recommendations will help you remove the dust!

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