Where to place air purifier? – Find the best spots in your home

Have you just bought a great air purifier? Accept my congratulations! However, in addition to buying a quality product, there is another issue that needs to be addressed – where to place your new air purifier.

Where to place the air purifier? This must be a difficult question for many people. But don’t worry, we’ll solve it for you right here. Just keep reading to find out the right places to place an air purifier in your home!

Where to place an air purifier?

Choose the right room

Modern apartments (with the exception of studios) have more than one room. There is a living room, and a kitchen, and one or two bedrooms (maybe more). As a rule, the instructions for air purifiers indicate the area of the room for which they are designed for, and you may get the impression that if you purchase a high-performance device, you will be able to provide clean air throughout the apartment.

Unfortunately, this is not so. If you have, for example, a small apartment with one bedroom, a kitchen, a corridor, a living room, and a bathroom with a total area of ​​​​about 50 sq. m. and you will purchase an air cleaner designed for 60 square meters. m., then it will only clean the room in which it is directly placed. That is, if you place the air purifier in the kitchen, then it will only clean the kitchen, despite the indicated high performance.

From here follows the main recommendation for the room in which the air purifier should be placed: it should be installed in the room in which the person (allergic, asthmatic, child, etc.) for whom you purchased the device sleeps.

This recommendation is driven by two considerations. Firstly, the bedroom is the room in which a person (even an adult, not to mention children) spends the most time. Secondly, it is believed that it is at night, during sleep, that the human immune system cleanses itself, regenerates itself, and it is at this time that it would be good to protect it from irritating factors.

Even if, for example, the child is in the living room all day, and goes to the bedroom only at night, the device should still be installed in the bedroom. Do not move the device from room to room. Otherwise, it will turn out that during the day, as in the above example, the allergenic background in the bedroom will increase, and you will send the child there at that very moment. And in the morning, as soon as the air in the bedroom is cleared, you will take the child from there to the “dirty” living room!

Choose the right place in a room

The task of an air purifier is to clean the air by repeatedly passing it through itself. Therefore, it must be placed in an open area, it is necessary to ensure free access of air to the air intake and outlet openings. Place the appliance under a table, in a cabinet, in a niche, behind a curtain, etc. – unacceptable.

The optimal installation height of the air cleaner is from floor level to the first third of the height of the room. You can put the device on the floor (if you exclude access to it by children and animals), on a table, on a cabinet. It is impossible – on the top of the closet. If you can’t put the device low, then you need to try to leave at least a meter of free space from the device to the ceiling.

If the device, according to the instructions, is designed for a room no smaller than the real one, it will effectively clean it, regardless of in which part of the room it is installed. Therefore, you should not put it directly next to the bed. If the device has a fan, then this will only interfere during sleep. Silent devices with a thermodynamic principle of operation are deprived of this drawback; they can be placed at least directly near the headboard.

Air purifiers are not recommended to be placed near heating devices. Firstly, overheating of the device itself can lead to its malfunction, and secondly, the devices organize air circulation and, being near heating radiators, will contribute to heating the air in the premises.

For the same reason, it is not recommended to place air purifiers on the windowsill. In winter, air circulating near a cold window will cool down the room.

Ideal location: low, not next to the bed, away from radiators and windows, in an open space.

Air purifier positioning in living space

Utilizing your air purifier in the living room is an excellent option, specifically if you invest a lot of time in that room. One of the most effective places to put an air purifier is near any type of resource of air infiltration, such as a home window or a door.

As people go into as well as leave your house, unclean air from the exterior has an opportunity to enter your residence. If you place your air purifier near the front door, it will certainly have an opportunity to clean the unclean outside air prior to the air obtaining a possibility to go deeper in your home.

When selecting an air purifier for your living room, be sure that it is huge enough to clean up all the air in your living room. Since the living room is often the biggest area in a residence, it is essential that the air purifier’s cleaning capability is huge enough for that space.

Air purifier positioning in bedroom

Since it is an area that you spend a whole lot of time in, positioning your air purifier in your bed room is a smart relocation. As you sleep at night, filthy air fragments can irritate your respiratory system as well as disrupt your rest.

One study found that air pollution can create a reduction in rest period. There are a couple of various techniques through which air pollution can affect sleep. It is crucial to maintain the air clean inside your bed room.

Be certain that it is given enough clearance from wall surfaces and various other things if you position an air purifier in your bed room. This may be tricky to do in a room. The concept is to offer your air purifier sufficient space for air flow.

Secondly, maintain your air purifier away from any vents or heating units. Make certain that there are no sources of heat near the air purifier to prevent getting too hot.

Air purifier placement in kitchen area

The kitchen area is an area that breeds all kind of smells as well as spores. Placing your air purifier in the cooking area is a great way to intercept odors before they go to the remainder of your residence.

Mold, food fragments, and also by-products of food preparation are all resources of air pollutants. Smoke is one of the worst culprits, and it can influence your kitchen area’s air high quality when food preparation.

If your area your air purifier in your kitchen, an excellent place to place it is someplace near the trash bin. Make certain that the air purifier has clearance from other items and also resources of heat.

If you cook frequently, after that you will certainly require to transform your air purifier’s filter regularly. Smoke, food, and also oil fragments will gather in your air purifier’s filter promptly.

If you intend to use your air purifier to eliminate smells from your kitchen area, make certain to use a carbon pre-filter. Carbon pre-filters will certainly neutralize odor fragments so they don’t trigger any type of scents in your kitchen’s air.

One research found that air contamination can trigger a reduction in sleep period. There are a few different methods by which air contamination can influence sleep. It is important to keep the air tidy inside your room.

If you put an air purifier in your room, be sure that it is provided sufficient clearance from wall surfaces and also various other items. The concept is to give your air purifier sufficient space for air flow.

Tips For Putting Your Air Purifier in Your Home

Tip # 1 – Consider your air purifier’s coverage

Whether your air purifier makes use of an activated carbon filter or a HEPA filter, its capability to cleanse the air will decrease over distance. Depending on the insurance coverage of your tool, you had better put it in a spot that takes the most out of it.

If your air purifier merely covers around 200 square feet, you ought to not put it too much from your room or in a huge basement of 800 square feet. Those settings will not bring about sufficient clean air.

On the other hand, if you purchase an air purifier with a coverage ability of as high as 1000 square feet, do not just place it in your little bedroom. It is a not worthy waste, and also a lot of upkeep ideas also recommend doing this to extend the gadget’s lifespan.

In many cases, if your device has a wide protection, allow’s place it at the center of your residence (yet not as well far from your space). However, if it is not, simply place it in one space just.

Tip# 2 – Place the air purifier near the source of smells and toxins

Placing your air purifiers beside the smell and also air pollution sources will guarantee their optimum efficiency. As a rule of thumb, like air cleaners, an air purifier will sanitize the indoor air near it initially along with its efficiency will certainly reduce over range.

This point is particularly crucial for UV air purifiers. When following this suggestion, you must still allow the airflow to the gadget efficiently, as we will describe in the third tip below.

Tip# 3 – Avoid limited rooms and edges

Almost every air purifier draws the contaminated air using its front-facing consumption vent. As a result, if it is put in limited rooms such as at an edge of the area, behind a wardrobe or a TELEVISION, it can rarely take advantage of the air blood circulation to produce much fresh air.

Hence, to enhance the equipment’s ability, you must prevent corners and place it in an open space. You can think about placing it on a table if your room/house is too little to put the air purifier on the flooring.

Tip # 4 – Use your air purifier as a guard!

Imagine that airborne particles are attempting to strike you, an air purifier will certainly be your guard.

After making certain your area’s air is clean, you can use the air purifier to block pet dander, microorganisms, viruses, dust as well as pollen, and so on before they enter your space.

For far better outcomes, turn the device till the face with vents that pull the infected air factors outside, and also the filtered air needs to stream towards your breathing zone.

Nevertheless, beware of any kind of tripping threat when you practice this pointer.

Safety rules

Air purifiers are electrical appliances. If they are used improperly, not only the failure of the devices themselves is possible, but also electric shock. When installing any air cleaner in a room, the following mandatory rules should be observed:

  1. Exclude the possibility of access to the device by children, pets, persons in need of constant guardianship.
  2. Eliminate the possibility of liquids and foreign objects getting inside the devices.
  3. Do not use appliances outdoors.
  4. Do not block the air supply to the air inlets and outlets.
  5. Do not install devices near open flames, in showers and bathrooms.
  6. Strictly follow all instructions in the operating instructions.
  7. Read the instructions =) it’s always useful

How to maintain an air purifier?

Since the air purifier removes dust from the air, it (with rare exceptions) must put it somewhere! All pollutants removed from the air usually accumulate in filters, which require periodic replacement. It is good if the device has a sensor for the need to change the filter, and if not, you must remember this yourself.

A dirty air purifier filter not only reduces cleaning efficiency (it is difficult for air to pass through it), but is itself a source of dangerous pollution! The dust accumulated in the appliance is mainly of organic origin, and all kinds of microorganisms and micro-mold can develop in it, which can be no less dangerous than the dust itself, with allergens contained in it.

It is necessary to take into account some important points in order not to become a victim of unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers:

1. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates the recommended frequency of filter replacement. For example, once every three months or once a year. But not every manufacturer mentions under what conditions these recommendations are valid.

The fact is that manufacturers assume that the air cleaner works on average 8 hours a day. This is the average operating time of the device for “its entire life”. And it is this mode of operation that is used to determine the warranty period and service life of air cleaners. However, doctors recommend using the device around the clock, i. 24 hours a day. And this is three times more than “planned”.

Therefore, if you operate the device correctly, that is, around the clock, feel free to divide the recommended filter life by three. So, if it is indicated that the filter needs to be changed every six months, change it every two months!

This, of course, will lead to additional costs, but here it’s up to you to choose what is more important: health or savings. Yes, and if your device has worked even for two months, look at its filter, and everything will become clear to you.

2. Sometimes there are even eminent manufacturers of household appliances who recommend changing the filters in their appliances every 5, 7 and even 10 years!

According to many experts, this is nothing more than an unscrupulous publicity stunt. In five years, not only microorganisms, but also higher forms of life will “start up” in the filter, which will crawl out of there and bite you! This, of course, is a joke, but, nevertheless, despite all the recommendations of manufacturers and sellers, if replaceable filters are used in the device, we recommend changing them at least once a year.

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