Best placement for your humidifier

The humidifier should be located in the center of the room for better air circulation.

Placement for humidifier


Tips for finding best the place for a humidifier in the room

There are a few basic rules that should be followed when installing a humidifier today. First of all, choose a level and stable surface. This is to ensure that the unit can stand firmly without tilting or tipping over during operation. A small table or a bedside table is good for this purpose. You can also put the humidifier on a bookshelf. But in this case it is necessary to take care that the steam jet from the humidifier does not get on books, furniture and household appliances.

Kitchens, corridors, bathrooms and toilets are the least humidified places. Based on this, the device is most often placed in the children’s room, living room or bedroom. It is in these rooms are located heating radiators, which in the winter time working at full power, reducing the humidity to very low values. A humidifier will help to avoid this problem, if the moisture droplets can dissolve freely in the air. In addition, it should be noted that modern models of humidifiers are extremely quiet, so they will not interfere with sleep while they are working.

In addition, when choosing the optimal place for the humidifier, you need to pay attention to several important points:

– Height from the floor. It is advisable to install the humidifier at least one meter above the floor. This will contribute to an even dispersion of water vapor in the room. In addition, if you put the humidifier on the floor, after some time near it there may be traces of condensation.

– Distance from heating devices. In winter, the humidifier should not be placed too close to heaters. This is because some of the steam will evaporate instantly, so the humidifier will run idle.

– Maintenance access. The humidifier needs regular maintenance. You need to change the water at certain intervals, clean the tank, and replace the filter or cartridge in a timely manner. Therefore, it is necessary to provide free access to the device.

Where to place a humidifier in the bedroom

Any type of humidifier – steam, traditional or ultrasonic – can be placed in the bedroom. It is important that the device has a night function, so it will not interfere with sleep. In the bedroom the humidifier should be placed at a distance of 50 cm from the floor and 30 cm from other objects. It can be placed on a nightstand, window sill, cabinet or table.

Where is the best place to put a humidifier in the living room

The living room is usually where family members and guests gather. The rooms are usually large, spacious, well heated, so they need humidification. Because of the large area, there can be several options for the placement of devices.

Determine where it is better to put, you can follow the recommendations of the manufacturers of the model. If it is a floor device, then it should be placed on the floor, on a flat and stable base. If the model is powerful, you need to make sure that no condensation forms around it, dangerous for carpets, parquet, laminate, board floors, chipboard.

Where to place a humidifier in the baby room

A humidifier is especially necessary for a child. A good microclimate in the room allows you to sleep better and strengthens the immune system. The device should be placed so that the child does not knock over the humidifier and get burned.

Do not place the device next to the bed or buy a model with remote control, which can be placed on a cabinet. A humidifier with a night mode is also suitable for a child’s room.

Some devices are equipped with additional features and clean the air from allergens and germs. Such humidifiers are suitable even for the room of a newborn baby.

Keep The Humidifier 2-4 Feet Off The Ground (Place It On A Table)

Moisture in the air tends to migrate from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration. Since the humidifier outlet will tend to cool the air, which means that it tends to go down, a high setting is much better. It should definitely have a fan blowing around it to mix with the air in the room.

Don’t Put Humidifier Near Heaters

Any heating device can negate the performance of even the most expensive humidifier. The fact is that they strongly heat the air and dry it out. When a device releases steam in such proximity, the moisture particles in it are instantly dried out and not distributed throughout the room.

Don’t Put A Humidifier In A Corner

If you put the humidifier too close to walls with wallpaper, they will quickly become damp. With poor ventilation in this area over time, mold can even appear. Some racks have a back wall, but even in this case you should not install the device in the depth of the cabinet – steam will settle inside a white deposit.

The optimal distance from vertical surfaces – at least 30 cm. If it is observed, neither furniture nor wallpaper will be damaged, and the air in the room will be humidified better and more effectively.

Put A Humidifier Near Plants

A humidifier is a useful thing. It will definitely help plants get more moisture during the heating season in homes.

Don’t Put A Humidifier Near Electronic Devices

Inexperienced users may unknowingly place the humidifier on a computer desk or TV cabinet. If the device will work next to them for a few days, it will not cause much damage. But if you turn it on in these areas all the time and the steam jet goes near the computer or TV, it will have a negative impact on the operation of the equipment. Moisture particles will penetrate inside the devices, and over time they may fail.

Always Try To Put A Humidifier In The Center Of The Room

The ideal place for a humidifier is in the center of the room, but obviously this is not feasible and inconvenient. To ensure optimal humidity in the room, we should put the humidifier in the center of the room at night, and in the morning remove it to a more convenient place. By placing it in the center of the room, we can achieve an even distribution of moisture throughout the room.

Bonus Tip: Move A Humidifier Around The Room

Move the device only when it is switched off.

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