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Does heat kill mold?

does heat kill mold

According to studies, most mold, including yeasts, grows and thrives in hot temperatures, while the extreme heat over 140-160 ° F (60-71 ° C) can kill mold. In some cases, this may be harder since some mold and mildews produce heat-resistant spores that can survive at high temperatures but likewise need oxygen for growth. What …

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Where to place air purifier? – Find the best spots in your home

where to place air purifier

Have you just bought a great air purifier? Accept my congratulations! However, in addition to buying a quality product, there is another issue that needs to be addressed – where to place your new air purifier. Where to place the air purifier? This must be a difficult question for many people. But don’t worry, we’ll …

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How long to run air purifier?

How long to run air purifier

Residents of big cities, where transport and industry are highly developed, know the essential need for air purification. There are also a number of researches that talk about the role of fine particles in the development of degenerative diseases of the brain, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, about …

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How to clean hepa filter

Can the HEPA filter be washed or will it reduce the cleaning efficiency of the filter? HEPA filters claim to remove particles like dust, allergens, and mold spores from the air, but they lose their effectiveness when clogged with debris. Because HEPA filters are used in vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and HVAC systems, replacing them …

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Does Lysol kill mold?

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Many of us have actually encountered mold at least once. These mushrooms live in humid conditions and are enemies of many homeowners. Not only does it look and smell bad, but it can also cause various health problems. Does Lysol kill mold and what methods of removing mold are there? Read more to find out. …

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Why is my room so dusty?

dusty room

Do you clean your room each day and still end up asking yourself why is my room so dusty? Well, 50% of this dust comes from dead skin cells. The other components of home dust include clothing fibers, bacteria, hair, and also microscopic soil particles. The bedding fibers likewise tend to generate dust. In addition, …

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