How to Keep Your Apartment Warm

To prevent drafts and the first frosts from becoming unexpected guests in your home, it’s worth taking care of insulating your home in advance.

Underfloor heating, a glazed loggia and a new double-glazed window are no doubt effective ways to add a few degrees to your room thermometer. 

Нow to keep apartment warm

How to Keep Your Apartment Warm and Costs Low

Install an automatic heating control. It is put on the whole house. The system works, based on the air temperature outside the window. The cold weather hits – the degree of heat carrier in the batteries increases. When the thaw comes, it goes down. All this is reflected in the bills for the month. Taking into account that there is no need to heat to the full in autumn and spring, the savings in the off-season will be decent.

How To Make Your Apartment Warmer

Find out where the heat is coming from.  Before you heat your apartment, you need to make sure the heat stays there for a long time. If you take it seriously, you can arm yourself with a thermal imaging camera. It is a device that uses sensors to determine the temperature of objects – usually it displays a colorful picture on the monitor: red colors indicate heat, blue – lower temperatures. Deal with the batteries. Insulate the windows. Poor adherence of sashes, can be, for example, due to the wear and tear of sealing gaskets or improper operation of fittings: handles, hinges. Carpets are a proven way to warm up cold floors. And they are also cozier.

How to Insulate an Apartment For Winter

During the daytime, try to open the curtains. The sunlight will penetrate inside the apartment and give us a couple of degrees of heat for free. Use a second layer of curtains to prevent heat loss. As soon as it starts to get dark, windows become our enemies. Old dried out frames can let in cold air. Old blankets and bedspreads can serve as a second layer of curtains.

Try sealing window frames.

It is not time consuming and not expensive. But it gives substantial heat gain. If possible, try to put a carpet on the floor, preferably with a high pile. It is not only nice to put your bare feet on it, but it is also a good insulator for the cold. Place the foil behind the radiator. Foil will work as a reflective screen. It will work as a reflective screen, preventing heat from escaping into the cold wall.

Take a shower or bath with the door open. Hot water will create warm air that will raise the temperature in the rest of your apartment.

If you cook in the oven, leave it open after using it. The hot air will do its job of heating your apartment. Seal off ventilation ducts. You can’t close them tightly, but you can make some sort of damper or door. Pets. Train your cat or dog to fall asleep at your feet. Unlike a heating pad, they will never get cold! Keep your bed warm. Use a wool blanket on top of your bed, and a regular blanket instead of a sheet for extra warmth.

Tricks to Keep Your Apartment Warm During the Winter

The most common solution is to use electric heaters. These are appliances such as oil heaters, electric fireplaces or electric convectors. This solution is the simplest, most affordable and economical. Advances in science and technology that help make the room warm with minimal energy costs. These include thermostats, “smart home” and “warm floor” systems, heat curtains, etc. These are the ways to which you can resort at the stage of repair or finishing work.

Alternate Heating – Stay Warm at Home

An excellent option for heating a room in winter can be a stove-fireplace.

This equipment combines the functions of a fireplace and a stove. From the first one it has a furnace, through which you can admire the bright burning flame. From the furnace – the heat, coming from the walls and heating the whole room evenly enough. Stoves-fireplaces can be both stationary, made of brick and placed on the foundation, and more modern, made of cast iron or steel. They don’t need a special foundation – a platform of fireproof material is enough, they are easy to install and easier to dismantle in case you move. Many models also have a hob where you can cook. In addition to those listed, stoves-fireplaces have other advantages: rapid heating of the room; ease of installation of equipment, if we are talking about structures made of metal; most people get aesthetic pleasure from the view of burning wood and its smell; many modern models serve as a decoration of the interior. Of the disadvantages can be called the following: many models have a shallow firebox, which requires the preparation of small-sized firewood; loading of firewood is required several times a day: with intensive combustion the fuel is enough for only a few hours; the heating of the room is uneven: warm air rushes upwards, while underneath it can be quite cold at the same time. 

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