What does ion mean on a fan

Usually ion refers to the ability of the fan to ionize the air driven through the fan.

What does ion mean on a fan

Ionization is a physical process of electron detachment from gas molecules or atoms, resulting in the formation of two molecules with different charges from one neutral molecule: the negative one, which received a “bonus” electron, and the positive one, which lost it. In nature, ionization of air occurs naturally; it is most acutely felt in coniferous forests, mountains and the sea. You feel like you’re breathing fresh air.

How Does An Air Ionizer Work?

How Does An Air Ionizer Work
The principle of operation of the air ionizer is based on the action of the corona discharge. By means of an electric current a discharge is created, as a result of which aeroions are released into the air, mix with oxygen molecules, and the room is filled with negatively charged ions. Their effect is maintained within a radius of 2-3 meters from the device.

The fan can be equipped with a hepa filters and clean the air from dust particles.

Do Ion fans really work?

Ionization is the process of saturating the air with oxygen ions. In nature, the air is ionized mainly due to lightning discharges: it becomes fresher and more pleasant to breathe. You probably noticed it during walks after a thunderstorm. Such air has a positive effect on human well-being.

In the apartment the amount of charged oxygen ions (aeroions) is about 18 times less (in different climates the percentage is different) than in nature. Therefore, it is worth using an air ionizer to get the desired effect.

To understand how “ionized” the air in the room, you can use the following hygienic indicators:

  1. Clogging coefficient.
  2. Number and mass of oppositely charged particles.
  3. Unipolarity coefficient.

There are light and heavy ions in the air. The ratio of heavy to light ions is the pollution factor. A ratio of 50:1 is considered normal for humans. If there are more heavy ions, it means that the air is polluted and the coefficient increases. Air ionizers for home can control the contamination factor.

Is ionizing fans safe?

In the process of generating charged particles, the unit charges all particles present in the air, including particles of dirt and dust. Charged particles are attracted closer to the ionizer, resulting in a concentration of dirt around the device, which must be cleaned in a timely manner. That is why it is recommended to leave the room when the ionizer is in operation and to wet clean the surfaces after turning it off.

Are ionizing fans bad for you?

Contraindications for the use of air ionization

  • Ionizers are contraindicated for people with cancer. At the same time as a prevention of their appearance the device will be useful.
  • During the postoperative period, when the body is weakened – also do not use the ionizer.
  • If your body temperature is elevated, use of the ionizer is also not recommended, as it may accelerate metabolic processes and the temperature will rise more. However, if your body temperature is normal, using the ionizer will not cause a temperature increase.
  • In the presence of acute bronchial asthma, use of the ionizer is contraindicated.
  • The ionizer should also not be used in cases of cerebral blood circulation disorders.
  • It is also not recommended to use ionizers in rooms where there are children under 1 year old.
  • In rooms with a high concentration of dust and air pollution, ionizers should also not be used to avoid deep penetration of particles into the lungs.

Why Ionizer Air Purifiers Are Not Recommended

Air ionizers emitting negative ions can accelerate chemical reactions. This can be a negative factor for cancer patients or for the development of latent diseases in the human body.

Varieties of air ionizers

There are two types of this device: bipolar and unipolar.

The bipolar ionizer generates particles with both positive and negative charge, while the unipolar one generates only particles with negative charge.

It is considered best to use bipolar ionizers because the body needs both positive and negative ions. The advantages of bipolar ionizers include the absence of formation of ions of harmful nitrogen compounds, low percentage of ozone emission.

What is an Ion Cooling Fan?

Ion Cooling Fans (ICFs) are high-performance heat dissipation components that are ideal for cooling high-power CPUs. These fans are also ideal for cooling high-end graphics cards and power supplies, as well as other components.

Alternatives to Ionizing Fans

The best alternative to a fan with ionizing air would be a humidifier.

Do Ionizers kill viruses?

Ionization of the air produces ozone. Ozone in certain concentrations kills microorganisms and viruses.

Manufacturers of devices claim that ionization allows to destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses in the air of the room. It is also believed that air ionizers are able to clean the room of dust, but this is not true.

Ionization of the air is said to clean the air of dust and make the air smell fresh. The air quality depends on the operation of the ionizer.

What Are Negative Ions?

Negative ions (anions) are atoms carrying a negative electric charge. They are formed by incorporating one or more electrons into the atom, thereby completing their energy level. In contrast, positive ions (cations) are formed by losing one or more electrons.

Negatively charged ions are most common in natural environments and especially around moving water or after a thunderstorm. This air is felt at the beach, near a waterfall or after a sea storm.

How does the ozonator work?

The ozonation technology mimics the action of a thunderstorm: oxygen trapped in the device is subjected to a strong electrical effect, as a result of which the molecule is rearranged and ozone is created. The gas is led through a tube into the environment, where it reacts with pollutants, oxidizes them, destroying their shell, and inactivates them. A simple principle of operation of the air ozonator determines a simple design including a generator of electric discharges, a voltage source, a fan and a control system of the device. Also in online stores you can choose models with humidifier (after ozonation of water purified moisture is released into the room) or ionizer and ozone generator fan.

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