Can you put essential oils in a humidifier? (+ My Top Six Favorite Essential Oils)

Essential oils can play a big role in making you really feel better or in maintaining your excellent health and well-being. Numerous individuals have actually now been adding essential oils to diffusers, so the scent can be deluted in throughout the room. But, can you put essential oils in a humidifier?

Can you put essential oils in a humidifier

What Is an Essential Oil?

Have you heard the term aromatherapy? Until now, there are people who do not know what essential oils are and what they are for, and for some, aromatherapy is generally something mystical.

Essential oils are aromatic plant substances that are extracted from plants in a variety of ways, they are highly concentrated and volatile enough to evaporate into the air. In other words, we can say that this is the “soul” (or “essence”) of the plant, its healing power, and aroma in liquid form.

The difference is that essential oil is more potent than the plant from which it is derived, precisely because of its high concentration. Therefore, essential oils are usually sold in small volumes – most often 5 ml or 10 ml, especially valuable oils – 1 ml or 2 ml. Essential oil dosages are usually measured in drops, so a 5 ml bottle should last a long time.

Another feature of essential oils is that they are not used in their pure form (with rare exceptions, like lavender or tea tree oil), when used, they are diluted in a solvent (vegetable oil, milk, soda, alcohol, etc.). If you are using them at home, they need to be broken into small vapors – with a diffuser – and transmitted to the environment.

Now, let’s understand what the diffusor is.

What are diffusors?

essential oil diffusor 2
Essential oil diffusor

The very first point to understand is exactly how essential oils are normally dispersed through the air. Diffusers are generally the item of choice in relation to these oils. Diffusers combine water and oil to create a sort of mist. This mist is then spread into the air, to ensure that the people in the house can feel and also scent the oils. Because of this, individuals will certainly be able to utilize the oils to alleviate their breathing and sinus problems, and also assist them to fight standard health problems such as colds.

There are 3 types of diffusers:

  • ultrasonic diffuser,
  • nebulizing diffuser,
  • evaporative diffuser.

The ultrasonic diffuser uses a disc that vibrates and also damages the essential oils right into smaller-sized fragments and transfers them into the air. The nebulizing diffuser pumps the oil through small tubes which convert the oil into mist and is spread out right into the air.

The evaporative diffuser makes use of heat to execute its function.

Worth saying that diffusers are created for using essential oils in them. In contrast to this, let’s have a look at how humidifiers work.

How do humidifiers work?


A humidifier is a device that maintains the level of humidity in a room by dispersing water vapor into the environment.

Two types of humidifiers:

  • cool mist humidifier,
  • warm mist humidifier.

A cool-mist humidifier differs from a warm mist in that air containing water vapor is dispersed through a fan, while the latter boils the water until it evaporates. The vapors then dissipate into the room air.

Humidifiers vs Diffusors: what is better?

We have actually discussed what makes a humidifier different from an essential oil diffuser. Put simply, a humidifier spreads water vapors into the air to preserve humidity whereas a diffuser diffuses essential oils to make the air enjoyable. A diffuser additionally produces health benefits.

Finally, can you put essential oils in a humidifier? If yes, then in what quantity? If no, then what is an alternate option to obtain aromatic air?

Since diffusers are actually designed to diffuse essential oils, they are more suited to this. Diffusers are able to break down the drops of an essential oil into smallest particles until they turn into a fine mist. The fragments are so small that they can mix with the air and also go straight into your home. Since people can just breathe in the mixture that has been created, it’s great. It is also easier to penetrate directly into the human body. On the other hand, humidifiers are not able to separate essential oils into such a fine mist. This means that much less oil will be absorbed and used for profit by the residents.

Below are some other reasons why humidifiers ought to not be used to diffuse essential oils right into the air.

Heat vapor

The means that humidifiers work is that they accumulate the excess heat in the area and launch it right into the air in the kind of vapor. If essential oils are dispersed using heat, this will minimize their result. The exception to this is if you particularly have a cold air humidifier.

Plastic humidifiers

The oils have elements that will ultimately damage down plastics, and will certainly therefore create concerns with your humidifier. The essential oils will in fact start to obstruct numerous parts inside the humidifier. You can not make use of a cracked humidifier, since it would not be helpful in decreasing the degree of humidity in your house, and also instead would add to your list of troubles.

Extra mess is created

If you are interested in using a humidifier for your essential oils merely due to the fact that you do not desire to acquire a diffuser, you may think that you are conserving your own additional steps. When you put essential oils in your humidifier, you might produce a blend of oil that is heavy and also sticky. When this is eliminated from the humidifier, it will certainly land on your furniture, clothes, and also your body.

Still Want to Use Essential Oils in Humidifier?

There are 2-in-1 humidifiers that can do both as a humidifier and a diffuser. The tray divides the oil from the water tank and a humidifier spreads the oil into the area.

Best Essential Oils For Humidifier And Diffuser

Many essential oils are good to use at home. I have prepared a selection of my top six favorite natural oils.


Lavander oil

Lavender was considered one of the main medicinal plants in monastic hospitals due to its healing and anesthetic abilities. Its aroma is traditionally considered one of the most effective sedatives.

The smell of lavender essential oil also repels mosquitoes, so it can be used as a safe natural anti-mosquito remedy for children. Add few drops on the kid’s coat before going outside.

Tea tree

tea tree essential oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most widely used essential oils in the world. It is used to heal and protect against insects, effectively treating wounds, all kinds of infections and even burns.

Like lavender oil, this oil can be used pure without dispersing in a carrier oil.


lemon oil

Lemon essential oil is extracted from lemon peel. It is typically applied on the skin mixed with vegetable oil or distributed airborne and breathed in. Lemon essential oil is claimed to offer clear skin, resist microorganisms, fight fatigue, and help reduce anxiety. One of the many benefits of lemon essential oil includes increasing your brainpower and also perking up your state of mind.


eucaliptus oil

The oil produced by squashing dried eucalyptus leaves is claimed to have various health benefits. Massaging eucalyptus oil on the chest reduces coughing and inhaling it removes mucus from your breast.

Add this essential oil to your diffusor when you have cold and flu symptoms.

Fir tree

fir tree oil

Fir oil perfectly helps in the fight against seasonal colds. Its antibacterial properties resist viral infections that affect the respiratory tract. When I or my family have a cold, I add fir tree oil in a diffuser or on a small pillow, and then put it next to the bed.

I love the smell of this oil. If you blend it along with orange oil, then the smell of Christmas will appear in the house.

Wild Orange tree

wild orange

Wild orange oil comes from sweet orange passion. It is rubbed externally to make them squeaky clean. Its scrumptious scent alleviates anxiety, increases power degrees, and rejuvenates the setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If You Put Essential Oils In A Humidifier?

Nothing bad. Just make sure that use a cool-mist humidifier and it has a separate tray for essential oils.
Comply with the instructions given in the manual and also use the right amount of oil in the appropriate tray.

Where Do You Put Essential Oils In A Humidifier?

Usually, in a 2-in-1 humidifier (having a diffuser), the essential oils are added in a separate tray.

How many Drops Of Essential Oil Should I Put In My Humidifier?

Usually 3-5 drops of each essential oil. This amount suffices to be dispersed in the air and also generates tranquillity and restorative results.

Is Sleeping With A Humidifier Good For You?

Resting with a humidifier is superb for your health and wellness if your city occurs to have a dry climate. It is additionally allowed by wellness specialists. Humidifier gets rid of dryness from the ambiance by transferring evaporated air. This air can calm your throat, hydrate your skin, and also pass on better rest.
Do not forget to clean the equipment every 3-4 days to prevent health risks.


In this article, I explained why humidifiers are usually not good for diffusing essential oils. There are specific exemptions, such as if you specifically have a cool-mist humidifier that was developed to be doing such work.

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