Best crawl space dehumidifier for better air quality (2021 Reviews)

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Do you want your dream home to be more comfortable, healthy, and durable?

Look beyond the outside structure and consider what lies below your dream home.

No, we’re not talking about your basement. This is the understated crawl space in your home that protects and elevates it. Your crawlspace is an essential part of your house. It houses vital lifelines, such as plumbing, heating, insulation, and electrical wiring.

best crawl space dehumidifier

American homes are constructed on top of crawl spaces which are anywhere from one to three feet high between the ground and the floor. Homes in humid regions or areas with sandy soil have great advantages from crawl spaces.

Effective dehumidification is necessary to eliminate mold and mildew in crawl spaces. It can also prevent respiratory diseases, keep your home safe from allergens, protect your home’s structural integrity, and reduce odors. You will need to remove the excessive moisture quickly from these confined spaces. Otherwise, you risk water seepage into your living area. You can’t just encapsulate your crawl space if it isn’t dehumidified.

The best crawl space dehumidifier will be small enough to be moved around the crawl space, but powerful enough to pull out excess moisture at low temperatures.


Why would you need a crawl space dehumidifier?

The humidity and conditions of your home are controlled by dehumidifiers. Excess moisture can cause a variety of problems, including damage to property and a hostile living environment. Here are some of the reasons crawl space dehumidifiers are necessary:

Pest Protection

Pest infestation can damage your property and cause health problems. A dehumidifier will control the humidity levels in the crawl space and protect you from pest infestations.

Hot and humid Areas

If your house is in a hot region, then you are likely to have air conditioners installed and used frequently. This causes high levels to occur as the air condenses in the crawl space. A crawl space dehumidifier can help regulate the air in such humid and hot regions, making your life worry-free.

Healthier living

To keep your home healthier, prevent pests and condensed moisture buildup in the crawlspace. Excess moisture can cause allergies, asthma, mold, and bacteria growth. A dehumidifier is able to prevent all these issues.

dehumidifier for crawl space

Top Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

This guide will show you the differences in each crawl space humidifier, as well as the pros & cons of each one for your home.

If you just need to know which crawl space dehumidifier is the best, check out the table below:

ALORAIR Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Removal 120 PPD (Saturation), 55 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier, cETL Listed, 5 Years Warranty, Auto Defrosting, Optional Remote Monitoring
Best for Large Spaces
Santa Fe Compact70 70 Pint Dehumidifier for Basements, Crawl Spaces Up to 2,600 sq. ft.
Best for Small Homes
Ivation 4,500 Sq Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier, Large Capacity Compressor Dehumidifier Includes Programmable Humidistat, Hose Connector, Auto Shutoff Restart, Washable Filter, Timer and Casters
ALORAIR Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Removal 120 PPD (Saturation), 55 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier, cETL Listed, 5 Years Warranty, Auto Defrosting, Optional Remote Monitoring
Santa Fe Compact70 70 Pint Dehumidifier for Basements, Crawl Spaces Up to 2,600 sq. ft.
Ivation 4,500 Sq Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier, Large Capacity Compressor Dehumidifier Includes Programmable Humidistat, Hose Connector, Auto Shutoff Restart, Washable Filter, Timer and Casters
Price not available
ALORAIR Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Removal 120 PPD (Saturation), 55 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier, cETL Listed, 5 Years Warranty, Auto Defrosting, Optional Remote Monitoring
ALORAIR Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Removal 120 PPD (Saturation), 55 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier, cETL Listed, 5 Years Warranty, Auto Defrosting, Optional Remote Monitoring
Best for Large Spaces
Santa Fe Compact70 70 Pint Dehumidifier for Basements, Crawl Spaces Up to 2,600 sq. ft.
Santa Fe Compact70 70 Pint Dehumidifier for Basements, Crawl Spaces Up to 2,600 sq. ft.
Price not available
Best for Small Homes
Ivation 4,500 Sq Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier, Large Capacity Compressor Dehumidifier Includes Programmable Humidistat, Hose Connector, Auto Shutoff Restart, Washable Filter, Timer and Casters
Ivation 4,500 Sq Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier, Large Capacity Compressor Dehumidifier Includes Programmable Humidistat, Hose Connector, Auto Shutoff Restart, Washable Filter, Timer and Casters

Best Crawl Space Dehumidifier Reviews

There are many choices available on the market. This can make it difficult and overwhelming to select one. We have tested 6 of the most effective crawl space humidifiers. These reviews will assist you in selecting the best crawl space dehumidifier.

AlorAir's Sentinel HD55 pint Dehumidifier

AlorAir Sentinel HD55 55 Pint
AlorAir Sentinel HD 55 Pint

AlorAir’s Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier is recommended for crawl space use. This device is a commercial-grade dehumidifier and can be used in crawl spaces. It has an Energy Star Rating which means it’s as efficient as possible. It’s not limited to your home. It can also work in offices, shops, and other similar areas.

Sentinel HD55 is a 55-pint model. It covers approximately 1300 square feet. This varies depending on the humidity level. This is a good average power rating that can cover both small but very damp crawl spaces and larger but not as damp spaces.

A dehumidification device such as this will help combat the growth of mold, mildew, and other irritants in crawl spaces that are not vented.

  • Energy Star rated appliance, which is extremely energy efficient
  • An excellent remote control system, which includes an automatic humidistat control and water protection. Also, there is a timer.
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • One drawback is that 55 pints of water per day might not be enough for some homes.
  • There is no option for a condensate pump built into this model. You can get this feature in the HD90 edition.

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AlorAir Sentinel HDi90 90 Pint Crawl Space Dehumidifier With Pump

AlorAir Sentinel HDi90
AlorAir Sentinel HDi90

Our next recommendation is another AlorAir Dehumidifier, the Sentinel HDi90. The Sentinel HDi90 is a 90 pint dehumidifier. This is a major difference from the previous recommendation. This dehumidifier covers larger areas than smaller Sentinel HD55s and other models.

This unit can be used for large internal areas. With its 90 pound power and 210 cm per minute coverage, the HDi90 will cover any area of up to 2600 square feet. The great thing about the HDi90 is that it is still very efficient despite its enormous power. The HDi90 has a 2.88L/kWh of power and only 5.56amps. This will allow it to do its job as efficiently and effectively as possible. Another great thing is that the coils are covered with epoxide preventing corrosion and freon leaks.

The best thing about this crawl space dehumidifier? It has a built-in condensate pump. Many owners will find this essential.

  • The huge CFM and power make it great for large areas.
  • Top crawl space humidifier with built-in pump
  • Very energy efficient
  • Hot gas system is used to heat coils
  • However, sometimes the internal pump model is not properly secured. This can easily be fixed by using a screwdriver

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Santa Fe Compact70 Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Compact70
Santa Fe Compact70

Formerly the Compact2, the Compact70 was Santa Fe’s most beloved crawl space dehumidifier. It is compact and powerful, perfect for a small crawl space.

Compact70 can extract 70 pints of water per day under AHAM conditions. This refers to an environment with 60% relative humidity and 80° Fahrenheit. This allows it to compete with larger models, as it can work in spaces of up to 2,600 feet.

A simple digital control panel allows you to control humidity and fan speeds. This remote humidistat is available for purchase and can be used in your crawl space without the need to enter it.

One of the best features of this unit is its flexibility. You can hang the unit in many different configurations, and also make use of optional accessories like condensate tanks or ducting kits.

These accessories offer much more versatility than the Sentinel HD55/HD90 models.

The Santa Fe Compact70 works well for most homeowners. It improves the air quality and efficiency of your crawl space. It is undoubtedly one of the best crawl space dehumidifiers.

  • 2 stage air filter with the use of pre-filters.
  • Very quiet operation
  • Certification as Energy Star for Maximum Efficiency
  • This device features an auto defrost system to quickly remove ice or frost.
  • There are absolutely no drawbacks. Customers love it.

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Dri-Eaz F515 PHD 200 Compact 75 Pint Crawlspace Dehumidifier

Dri-Eaz F515 PHD 200 Compact 75 Pint Crawlspace Dehumidifier
Dri-Eaz F515 PHD 200 Compact 75 Pint Crawlspace Dehumidifier

This Dri Eaz F515 Dehumidifier, which pumps 75 pints of water per hour from the air, is a good crawl space dehumidifier for large crawl spaces. This commercial dehumidifier features operation in either continuous or humidistat mode.

The built-in humidistat function maximizes excess moisture removal efficiency. It sets a preset humidity level for the system and adjusts it to match current humidity levels.

The continuous operation mode works exactly as it sounds. This allows you to set the device so that it runs continuously at one setting until you change your mind. This mode is best if you need to decrease humidity levels quickly with minimal downtime.

If you have a big enough garage, the Dri-Eaz PHD 200 would also make the best dehumidifier for garages as its well suited to continuous operation.

  • Two operational modes
  • Effective and efficient
  • Air filter should be changed regularly

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Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution LGR Commercial Dehumidifier

Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution LGR Commercial Dehumidifier
Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution LGR Commercial Dehumidifier

Similar to the AlorAir model, the Dri Eaz Revolution F413 air dehumidifier can remove up to 80 pints of excess moisture from the air.  This dehumidifier has a rating from 121 to 180 CFM and 6.2amps. It is also very efficient.

It also comes with a 40ft drain hose, a 25ft power cable, and a 3M HAF filter. This small dehumidifying unit displays inlet and outlet temperature and has a relative humidity display with touch controls.

It is smaller than the other models of its power category, making it ideal for crawl spaces and other tight spaces where it might be required. It is easy to transport, especially if you need it in more than one location.

  • It’s small and compact in size which makes it much more powerful than bigger models
  • Includes a drain-hose
  • For the best operation, this unit must be used at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit and up. Low-temperature operation is no recommended as the coils may freeze.

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Ivation Energy Star Dehumidifier

Ivation 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier
Ivation Energy Star Dehumidifier

Last but not the least, this Ivation appliance is on our list. This device is more traditional and would be able to fit inside your home.

It’s well-suited for crawl spaces due to its specifications. This Ivation model will work well if you’re looking for a portable, but still usable, dehumidifier. It is also the type of dehumidifier that can be used inside the house.

It’s powerful enough that it can clean up all mold, mildews, dust, allergens, and odors from any space or home measuring up to 4500 feet (depending on the level of dampness). It includes a built-in humidistat program, a hose connector, and an auto-shutoff/auto-restart function. There is also a control panel with a bright LED display that is easy to read and use. It is not the quietest model available, but it shouldn’t be deterred if you know where you will use it.

  • Very simple operation
  • Extra-long cord
  • Drain hose must be bought separately

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Things to consider before buying a crawl space dehumidifier

Reasons why crawl spaces suffer from humidity

Have you ever wondered how crawl spaces are moistened with mold spores and mildew in the belly of your house?

Crawlspaces are more likely to be out of sight than out of mind. Many crawl spaces smell bad, and have damaged insulation and wiring. If not cared for properly, they can cause structural damage and health problems, as well as increase your power bill.

These are three reasons why crawl spaces suffer from high humidity, micro-organism growth, and other problems.

 A stagnant water

Inspect your crawlspace for plumbing leakage or drainage. This can cause increased moisture levels, and mold and mildew growth. Make sure to correct it as soon as possible.

If your crawl spaces are in an area that is low-lying, flood-prone or has an underground pool or other pond, they will be the most affected. Water seepage issues can be avoided by waterproofing the crawl space floors and walls. You can dry this area with the best crawlspace appliance.

 Water vapor

Humidity levels in crawlspaces can also be increased by water vapor from the ground. This problem can also be caused by moist soil or mud in crawl spaces. Installing a vapor barrier to address this issue is possible.

Warm air intake

Extreme moisture can be brought in from the crawl space vents. When moistened air enters your crawl space, it will cause an increase in relative humidity.

Why is it important to use a humidifier in your crawl space?

High levels of humidity and condensation can lead to serious foundation problems in your home. The majority of American homes are made of timber. This makes crawl space air a perfect environment for wood rot and other forms of timber decay. If humidity is too high, mold and mildew can form.

Your foundation can weaken over time. In extreme cases, the moisture may rise through the crawlspace to reach the interior of your house, which could lead to water damage restoration.

How do you dehumidify a damp crawl space? There are many products that can be used to dehumidify a crawl space. There are many dehumidification products on the market, but they all have different designs for different environments. What makes a crawlspace-friendly dehumidifier unique? Here are some things to keep in mind:

Different dehumidifiers were designed for different purposes. You need a quiet, compact device in a bedroom for you to be able to sleep. Crawl space needs something more rugged.

A crawl space can be a breeding ground for insects and mold spores. A dehumidifier is a device that reduces the risk of pest infestations. It will let you store items in your crawlspace safely, and help prevent them from causing damage to your home. Here are some things you will need to dehumidify your crawl space.

Features you need to consider before buying the best crawl space dehumidifier

humidifier for crawl space

Capacity and Coverage

For humid crawl space, it’s important to have an adequate capacity for moisture reduction and storage. For large areas, 70 pints of moisture is adequate. 95 pints will suffice. Dehumidifier performance can be rated at either 1 pint per day or 1 pint per 24 hours.

Energy Efficiency

The power of your dehumidifier can be one thing. But its efficiency is another. Dehumidifiers in crawl spaces are built to work long hours so they should be as efficient and energy-efficient as possible.


Crawlspace dehumidifiers require an efficient continuous drainage system. If you only needed a dehumidifier that would work in your kitchen, the onboard water container will suffice. It’s not necessary to travel down the stairs every day, so ensure that your dehumidifier has continuous drainage.


A durable dehumidifier ensures that your device is capable of enduring extreme temperatures and bad weather.

Operation at low temperatures

The appliance must be able to operate at low temperatures. The machine’s auto-defrost system prevents frost from forming. It is required to work in low temperatures, such as crawl space and basements.

Auto Reset

Also, this appliance requires an auto-reset function. This function resets the device automatically after a power interruption and retains all of its settings. This is a great feature because even though you’re home, it will save you a trip into your crawlspace.

Experts’ tips on installation & maintenance of a crawl space dehumidifier

Crawl Space Dehumidifier Installation

The most popular installation choice for homeowners is a ceiling mount or wall mount. Survey the area where you plan to install it. Make sure there is no obstruction.

It is also important that you consider how you want to dispose of moisture that has been collected from the air. Therefore, we recommend installing the drain in close proximity to the drain.

It is important to locate your new humidifier centrally. This will help it work more efficiently, and reduce moisture loss.

Dri-Eaz, for example, also offers wall mounts.

Finally, to avoid clogging the appliance’s filters prematurely, it is recommended that dirt, dust and debris be removed as quickly as possible. This will decrease the frequency of cleaning each air filter.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier maintenance

These appliances are built to last for extended periods of time without the need for inspection. The appliance is ready to go without any maintenance.


Why is my crawlspace so small?

Most often, it is for multiple reasons. It is situated close to ground or dirt floors, which naturally contain a lot of water.
A crack in the walls of your crawl space can allow water to enter, which can raise the humidity. You will have damp if you combine this with cool temperatures and insufficient airflow (lack of fresh or outside air).
Due to lack of dry air, crawl spaces without ventilation are especially vulnerable to this problem. It is possible for standing water to quickly increase humidity levels in this area.

How can a dehumidifier help?

This will reduce humidity and eliminate moisture. Combining this with sealing cracks within your crawlspace structure will make it a more comfortable place to live and help you avoid expensive repairs.

Does a dehumidifier help prevent mold growth?

Damp and dark crawl spaces are ideal for the growth of molds, mildews or dust mites. Molds thrive in places with too much moisture. Your crawl space must be dry and low in relative humidity. This will prevent mold growth.If left untreated, mold can grow into your home’s living spaces. It can then cause an infestation that is difficult to get rid of. A crawl space dehumidifier is the best choice to eliminate the molds. Dehumidifiers work by extracting moisture from the atmosphere to ensure that mold growth is minimized and eliminated in one day.

How much noise does a crawl space dehumidifier produce?

It is well known that dehumidifiers emit a lot of noise. The compressor, exhaust fans, as well as condensate and condensate engines are all important contributors to the noise levels. A home dehumidifier noise can be rated at 55-60dB on average. This is approximately the same level of human speech sound.
Crawl space dehumidifiers may become louder when the compressor mounting brackets, screws, or brackets are loose. An improper connection can cause the fan or compressor vibrations and noise. If the crawl space dehumidifiers tend making a lot of noise in your crawl space, first unplug it. Next, tighten any loose connections. Even after tightening, noise may increase and you might need to replace either the compressor or fan.

A dehumidifier is needed for an encapsulated crawl space?

You can encapsulate crawl spaces to reduce moisture and mold. Encapsulation is the process by which you seal every crack, joint, and vent within your crawl space using white plastic.
A well-maintained, conditioned crawl space will create a clean environment, improve air quality, and help you save money on your energy bills. To keep your crawl space dry, clean, and protected against temperature fluctuations, even after you have encapsulated it, it is still important to use a powerful dehumidifier.

How do you place your dehumidifier in a crawl space?

It is best to place a dehumidifier inside a crawlspace where there are no obstructions. Concrete blocks are recommended because these units need protection from water damage. They can also collect moisture if they’re not installed on level ground.

What’s the price of a crawl space dehumidifier?

There are many factors that can affect this. A quality unit should cost approximately $800-1600, but you should expect to pay a professional for installation.

Why are Crawl Space dehumidifiers so costly?

The crawl space won’t accommodate any traditional dehumidifier. This means that the units made for this purpose should be compact. This can also mean that more technology is required to fit into smaller products, which ultimately leads to higher prices. A standard unit is larger than one that was designed to be used in such spaces. Therefore, it requires complex components and engineering expertise.

Can I Use a Regular Dehumidifier in A Crawl Space?

You can use a regular humidity unit in a crawl area. You shouldn’t use it if your crawl space is small.

How Much Energy Does Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Consume?

It will vary depending on which model it is. A dehumidifier can consume approximately 280 Watts per hour. This may increase if your unit is extremely powerful. As such, dehumidifiers with less power use less energy.

How Long Does it Take for a Crawl Space dehumidifier To Reduce Humidity?

This depends on many factors including the ability of the dehumidifier and the humidity level in the space. The average space should be able to reduce humidity to an optimal level within a few hours.

What is the Normal Setting in a Dehumidifier located in a Crawlspace?

It depends on the issue in your crawl space. If your crawlspace is prone to moisture buildup, you will likely have to adjust the dehumidifier’s setting to either an automatic or continuous one.


Crawl space dehumidifier

Final thoughts

Our insights, crawl space dehumidifier reviews, FAQs, and other information will now help you to choose the right crawl space dehumidifier. You can purchase them online or at your nearest retail store. Remember that investing in a dehumidifier unit is the best thing you can do for your home and crawl space in humid areas.

It is important to check if your model has a good manufacturer warranty for parts and labor. Before buying, you should monitor the unit’s portability, power consumption, digital controls, energy use, and sensor functionality. AlorAir Sentinel HD55 is our editor’s choice.  The model you choose will depend on the size of the crawlspace and the amount of dehumidification power that you require.

We like the Santa Fe Thermastor and Sante Fe Compact range as well as the Aprilaire 1850 dehumidifier range. Each one of these models can also be used as basement dehumidifiers if required.

You might have noticed we included the Ivation model in this review. While it is not designed specifically to dehumidify crawl spaces, it can be a good choice for smaller homes that don’t require such a large unit.

Get rid of mold and mildew, respiratory disease, foul odors, allergy triggers, and other health problems by purchasing the best crawl space dehumidifier that fits your needs.

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