Does Lysol kill mold?

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Many of us have actually encountered mold at least once. These mushrooms live in humid conditions and are enemies of many homeowners. Not only does it look and smell bad, but it can also cause various health problems. Does Lysol kill mold and what methods of removing mold are there? Read more to find out. …

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Why is my room so dusty?

dusty room

Do you clean your room each day and still end up asking yourself why is my room so dusty? Well, 50% of this dust comes from dead skin cells. The other components of home dust include clothing fibers, bacteria, hair, and also microscopic soil particles. The bedding fibers likewise tend to generate dust. In addition, …

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Car Air Purifier – Does it really help you breathe clean air?

car purifier

Research study reveals that the air inside our cars and trucks is 15 times worse than the air a few meters from the automobile. When you think that traffic on roadways has considerably increased globally over the previous few years, this is bad news. Most people never ever consider the air quality inside their vehicles, but it is a …

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Is Personal Air Purifier Effective? Things to Consider Before You Make a Purchase

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Air purifiers are believed to kill bacteria and viruses, clean the air from smoke, allergens, and many other air contaminants. How about a personal air purifier? Is it really effective as a traditional model? Let’s discuss it in this article. Air purification is a hot topic right now mostly because of the possibility to be …

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