8 Best Heaters for Large Rooms

Smaller rooms can be heated quickly, while larger homes might take a bit longer to warm. This article can aid you in finding the perfect room heater.

When we talk about the large rooms, we usually mean rooms of 800-1,000 sq ft.

This is the most complete guide to buying the best heating system for your huge room. After you’ve finished reading, you’ll be able to determine what kind of heater is best for large rooms in your office or home.. We’re delighted to offer a simple method to find the ideal heater that will meet your requirements and budget. Follow this guide to assist you in finding a suitable heater for your large space to keep warm in spite of the cold weather outside.

What you need to know before buying a space heater for a large room

The most crucial aspect to take into account is power. If you are looking to heat an entire space, you must take measurements of the size of the room. In the general case, 10 watts would warm a square foot of space which means you require a space heater that has the capability to heat the area you’re considering.

Then, look at the options you have and also the value of the heater. Then, think about your fuel options. For those with children, they might find propane tank heaters somewhat risky. In the same way, if your home does don’t have any gas pipes in your home gas heaters might not be a good idea because of the large prices for installation and disruption. Electric heaters are generally less expensive in the beginning. However, gas space heaters are known to be more affordable to run compared to electric space heaters, and might be a better choice depending on your needs.

Take a look at the place you need to install the heater in. Do you want to build a recess into the wall or create an appealing fireplace?

You could also prefer the option of a wall heater which you can tilt to create workshops or garages. It is possible that a free-standing heater would be better suited to portability, which means you can move the heater from room to. Knowing the style will assist you in narrowing down the options.

It is also possible to consider additional options like an inbuilt thermostat, an adjustable fan, cool-touch outside auto tip-over, overheat switch-off timing, remote controls, and wheels. All of these features aid in accessibility, safety, and ease of use.

Review of the best heaters for large rooms

1.  Dr Infrared Space Heater

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater with Humidifier, 1500-Watt
  • Newly Engineered and Designed in USA with Advanced Dual Heating System. 1500W with High and Low Temperature Settings range 50 to 85 degree
  • Can heat up a large room with Dual Heating System: Infrared Quartz tube + PTC. Tip-over protection and Overheat protection. Electric Cord 72 Inches long. Amps- 12.5
  • Built-in humidifier produces a cool mist to add much needed humidity to dry, winter air
  • Material:Galvanized Steel
  • Newly Engineered and Designed in USA with Advanced Dual Heating System. 1500W with High and Low Temperature Settings range 50 to 85 degree


  • Auto Energy Saving Model
  • High and Low Features
  • Tip-over protection & Overheat protection
  • Dual Heating Systems
  • PTC + Infrared Quartz Tube
  • Automatic shut-off timer for 12 hours.
  • IR Remote Control
  • High Pressure, Low Noise Blower
  • Electronic Thermostat (50-85 degrees
  • Lifetime filter and Caster Wheels
  • Utilizes 12.5 Amps .
  • 1500 Watts and 120 Volts
  • 72 inches long Electric Cord

The Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heating on top on our list of best space heaters for large rooms for a reason. Although the heater has the same amount of watts as other models that are available but it creates more heat than other models.

With tip-over as well as overload protection, this unit comes with dual heating technology that includes PTC and infrared. It’s got 1500W of electricity and is able to handle temperatures between 122 and 250F. It features a high-efficiency air compressor however it operates at just 39 decibels.

This is a top-quality infrared heater with wonderful features. If your space is of 1000 square feet or less this is a fantastic option to provide additional warmth. There are many advantages like the casters that allow for portability, as well as silent operation, the heater will be ideal to use throughout your home.

Make sure you follow the guidelines for home heating while using this heater. However, when you are using it correctly, it is a safe space heater.

  • Rooms are heated evenly and efficiently.
  • Effective for rooms of 1,000 sq ft
  • Excellent combination of safety features
  • Automatic shut-off if the space heater is tipped over
  • Remote control for ease of use
  • Rooms are heated evenly and efficiently.
  • Effective for rooms of 1,000 sq ft
  • Excellent combination of safety features
  • Automatic shut-off if the space heater is tipped over
  • Remote control for ease of use

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2. Cadet Manufacturing 67527 Fan Forced Electric Wall Heating Unit

Cadet Com-Pak Twin Electric Wall Heater Complete Unit with Thermostat (Model: CSTC402TW, Part: 67527), 13648/10236 BTU, 240/208 Volt, 4000/3000 Watt, White
  • Powerful: At 4,000 Watts and 240 Volts, this heater delivers quality warmth to large-sized rooms.
  • Easy Installation: This heater connects to the wall can with two screws in a simple horizontal application.
  • Safe: Includes multi-watt options and a high-temperature safety shut-off feature for your peace of mind.
  • Contents: Includes one Cadet Com-Pak Twin Complete Wall Heater with a thermostat in white.
  • Durable: Proudly assembled in the USA and includes a 2-year warranty. California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning.

Com-Pak Twin Wall Heaters by Cadet Heat are ideal to quickly warm large spaces without the need to install the ductwork. Heating elements are constructed to be safe and provides long-lasting warmth.

A large space does not mean you have enough room for a space heater. With 4000 watts and the voltage of 240 volts, this space heater is a great source of power, without taking the floor space.

Furthermore, it is far from an eye-sore. Its measurements of 16.5 x 19.5 and 13.6 inches. It blends into the wall and is not visible. I was also a huge fan of its white glossy finish, which matched beautifully with the furniture I had.

I was impressed by the heating capabilities of this electric indoor space heater extremely solid. It features dual coil elements capable of heating as much as 600 sq feet of space in just a couple of minutes, which makes it a great heating solution for large living spaces as well as entryways.

The kit includes the wall can to hang the grill, as well as an electronic thermostat. The thermostat’s temperature range ranges from from 40degF to 85degF. That’s enough to ensure that your living area will feeling cozy and warm.

The electric heater comes with a fan that makes sure there is a uniform distribution of heat throughout the air. It also features an automatic shutoff for high temperatures that is crucial for minimizing fire danger. However, the heater isn’t able to stay hot to temperature of the.

The portability could also be an issue because it is fixed on the wall. Personally, I did not mind it, but if are looking to warm multiple rooms then you might want to consider another portable electric heater.

In all honesty, I discovered this model to be the ideal choice for those who require a wall-mounted space heater. If you’re looking to move your heater around rooms, you may want to look at other electric portable models instead.

  • Wall-mounted to ensure it doesn’t require the floor space
  • Simple minimalist design that blends into
  • Rapid warming of vast areas
  • Overheat protection feature
  • Equal distribution of heat
  • Requires 208/240 volt circuit
  • Exterior gets hot
  • Much more expensive than other heaters.
  • Not a portable heater

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3.  De'Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space-Full Room Heating Unit

DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater, Full Room Quiet 1500W, Adjustable Thermostat 3 Heat Settings, Energy Saving, Safety Features, Light Gray, TRH0715
  • SILENT FULL ROOM WARMTH Packs 1500 watts of power for full room heat
  • DURABLE AND MAINTENANCE-FREE High quality patented steel assembly and permanently-sealed oil reservoir never needs refilling
  • PERSONALIZED COMFORT Adjustable thermostat and three heat settings
  • PATENTED THERMAL SLOTS Unique thermal slot design maximizes heat flow into the room while maintaining a low surface temperature
  • 250 SQ FT OF COMFORT Efficient in rooms up to 250 square feet

The De’Longhi Oil Filled Radiator Space Full Room Heater’s longevity and effectiveness make it an excellent space heater for rooms with lots of space. It’s quiet, but powerful due to the 1500-watts (5120 BTUs) of power that could make rooms. If you compare this heater to other heaters that are available it has 25% more surface heat.

Usability: This model is not only simple to use but also to maintain. It’s made of high-quality patent-pending steel that shields it from damage and its sealed reservoir ensures that you don’t have to replenish it. It also has an anti-freeze and thermal cutoff setting that can help prevent frozen pipes.

Flexible: You can customize the temperature of your heater thanks to its three settings for heat with a 24 hour timer as well as an ECO function which automatically adjusts the heat to lower energy usage.

The standout feature: This heater’s patented thermal slots differentiate it from other space heaters available for sale. The slots allow the heater to increase the flow of heat through an area while keeping the temperature of the area lower.

  • Durable
  • Does not require maintenance.
  • It heats up quickly (25 percent more surface heat)
  • Eco-conscious
  • Automated timer
  • The loud clicker sounds indicate when the machine is turned on or off.

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4. Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heating

Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control, Black 5160
  • 23-Inch ceramic tower heater with patented comfort system
  • Elongated ceramic element for extended warmth
  • Patented blower technology with penetrating air velocity
  • Widespread oscillation evenly distributes warm air throughout the room
  • Multi-Function remote control with on-board storage.Area Heated (Sq. Ft.):300

With a programmable, adjustable thermostat and rotating design, this unit was designed to provide an even distribution of heat throughout the room. It comes with a cool-touch finish and 1500 Watts of power.

It’s a fantastic model for those who have pets or children as it’s cool to touch and can endure a hit. It can be very efficient in heating rooms however it isn’t always precise.

Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heater is a fantastic ceramic space heater suitable for indoor use. It’s lightweight and easy to operate.

The ceramic heater is able to be used to heat up an area of about 300 sq feet. This is anywhere near as big as the other heaters. Although it might not be the strongest of the list, it can do its job quickly and efficiently because it is able to warm up the room within less than 10 minutes.

There are three temperatures including High temperature (1500 watts) or lower heating (900 watts) or the auto mode (thermostat controlled) however I did notice that the auto setting tends to use a lot of energy.

The ceramic heater has an elongated ceramic component that provides extended warmth. Additionally the fan spreads the heat of it throughout the room due the patented blower technology of Lasko and the widespread oscillation.

It also comes with an electronic read-out, and an adjustable thermostat, with an 8-hour timer that will keep your desired temperature.

The room heater comes with added safety features, like cooling-touch housings and overheat protection. I was awestruck by how the grill was cool to the touch after long-term usage.

This compact heater barely occupies any space and fits perfectly into the corners of my room. It weighs just 6.45 pounds, making moving it around the house very easy. It is also equipped with a carry handle that makes your work much easier.

In the end The Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heater is ideal for anyone who is looking for a second heating source to complement central heating.

  • It has an 8-hour timer feature.
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • No overheating
  • Ceramic surface that resists impact
  • Even heat distribution
  • Three-year Limited Warranty
  • Simple-to-use remote control
  • It comes with a built-in carrying handle to make it easy to carry
  • Large energy consumption in Automode

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5. De'Longhi Mica Thermic Panel Heater

De'Longhi Mica Thermic Panel Heater, Full Room Quiet 1500W, Freestanding/Easy Install Wall Mount, Adjustable Thermostat, 2 Heat Settings, Black, HMP1500
  • FULL ROOM WARMTH: Packs 1500 watts of heating power for full room comfort
  • SLEEK LOOK: Whether set on the floor or mounted to the wall, this is a stylish way to stay warm
  • PERSONALIZED COMFORT: Adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings allow you to customize to your heating needs
  • CONVENIENT WALL MOUNT: Safe and easy to mount to any wall with included kit
  • PORTABLE WARMTH: Lightweight, compact unit with convenient handle and wheels easily moves from room to room

The slim, stylish and quiet heater is packed with 1500 watts of warmth. A wall kit and feet come with it for a variety of uses.

Mica Panel Heater from DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater by DeLonghi is an ingenuous heater that is a change from the conventional radiant space heaters which depend on electric wires to generate heat. Instead the Delonghi model makes use of micathermic technology that provides the same temperature throughout every room.

With this method, it immediately emits heat after being switched on, and consequently does not require a fan. In the end, I was able to hear it very clearly during use, making it an ideal option for bedrooms or study area, or a TV space.

The heater is efficient, and energy-efficient. It has two settings that users can select from: 750 watts or 1500 watts. The heater is able to efficiently radiate heat across 300 square feet. The thermostat is full-range that lets you select the temperature of your room that you’d like to set.

Mica Panel Heater Mica Panel Heater is a remarkably multi-functional space heater. It can be fixed to the wall or to heat the floors. It’s also light and makes moving it about a breeze particularly due it’s caster wheels as well as its carrying handle.

Furthermore, the style of the space heater is elegant, and to me it appears more like the flat screen TV that an actual space heater. It would be perfect for any modern-style space.

The heater is equipped with overheat protection as well as a tip-over switch to ensure security. If the heater tipping over when it is on it shuts itself off instantly.

Another feature that I enjoyed was the anti-freeze feature that maintains the room temperature to around 41 degrees F to stop freezing and making use of minimal energy.

The Mica Panel Heating by DeLonghi is an ingenious heater that stands out from the conventional radiant space heaters for rooms which rely on an electric wire to generate heat. Instead this Delonghi model makes use of micathermic technology to ensure the same temperature throughout every room.With this method, it immediately emits heat when it’s turned on and, consequently, requires no fan. This is why I noticed it’s very quiet when it was in use, which makes it an ideal choice for bedrooms or study area, or even a TV space.

The heater is extremely efficient in energy consumption, and has two options that customers can select between 750 watts or 1500 watts. The heater will easily distribute heat throughout 300 square feet. The thermostat is full-range which lets you choose the precise temperature for your room you’d like to set.

Mica Panel Heater Mica Panel Heater is a remarkably multi-functional space heater. This model can be hung on the wall or in the ground. It’s also extremely light that makes it easy to move it about a breeze due the caster wheels and carry handle.

Additionally the style of the space heater is elegant, and to me it resembles the flat screen TV that it is a space heater. It’s perfect for any modern-day space.

The heater comes with overheat protection as well as a tip-over switch to ensure maximum security. If the heater is accidentally tipped over when it is on it, it will shut off instantly.

Another feature that I loved was the anti-freeze setting that keeps the temperature in the room at 41 deg F to stop freezing and making use of minimal energy.

Overall overall, the Mica Panel Heater by DeLonghi is an ideal and versatile heater that can be used in large rooms, offering constant, efficient and quiet heating.

Overall it is a great product. Mica Panel Heater by DeLonghi is an excellent and versatile heater that can be used in rooms that are large, and provides constant, efficient and quiet heating.

  • Energy efficient
  • Innovative heating technology
  • Safety features include overheat, tip-over protection
  • It is possible to use it in the ground or used as an electric wall heater
  • It is quiet since it does not have a fan.
  • Handle for carrying and caster wheels
  • Anti-freeze setting to stop pipes from freezing
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • The wheels aren’t the most durable.
  • The back can be extremely hot when you’re in use.
  • The wheels may mark the floors of certain kinds of unfinished flooring
  • It doesn’t have a timer feature.

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6. DeLonghi Slim HCX9115E

De'Longhi Convection Panel Heater, Full Room Quiet 1500W, Freestanding/Easy Install Wall Mount, LED Digital Display, Adjustable Thermostat, Timer, EcoEnergy Saving Mode, White
  • Full Room Warmth: Packs 1500 watts of heating power for full room comfort
  • Sleek Look: Whether set on the floor or mounted to the wall, Slim Style by De'Longhi is the most beautiful way to stay warm
  • Instant Warmth: Dual Fan System fills room with heat quickly
  • Convenient Wall Mount: Safe and easy to mount on any wall with included kit
  • Personalized Comfort: Customize to your heating needs with the adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings

Delonghi Slim HCX9115E excellent choice if you require an electric heater that is also portable and able to be mounted on the wall. It is secure because it isn’t hot and doesn’t overlook tip-over, overheating as well as antifreeze protection. You might also like its sleek style.

The major drawbacks is that it emits some electronic sounds even when the device is turned off. Also and the LED display is extremely bright and is somewhat expensive.

  • Tip-over protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Doesn’t feel hot when touched
  • Antifreeze feature
  • Stylish design
  • Energy efficient
  • Timer
  • Wall with the possibility of being able to mount
  • Expensive
  • The LED display is very bright
  • Electronic noises that are quiet when off

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7. Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy Grey Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Heater

18,000 BTU Big Buddy Portable Propane Heater (No Fan)
  • 4, 000, 9, 000, or 18, 000 BTU per hour
  • Heats up to 450 sq. ft.
  • Hi-Med-Low heat settings
  • Automatic low oxygen shut-off system (ODS) and accidental tip-over safety shut-off

A large room heater from propane provides instant heat and lots of it. The top propane heater features four, nine and 18K BTU levels.

Benefits A built-in fan allows for quick heating. The push-button starts. Oxygen Depletion Sensor. It can be used with a bottle or cylinder.

Pros: Accessory hose & regulator required for cylinder and tank usage. The hoses and regulators are not part of the.

Ideal Uses: This extra large room heater is perfect for rooms that are poorly insulated like a room that is drafty that is not finished, a basement that is unfinished or a transformed garages.

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8.  De'Longhi Ceramic Heating Tower

De'Longhi Ceramic Tower Heater, Quiet 1500W, Digital Adjustable Thermostat, 3 Heat Settings, Timer, Remote Control, ECO Energy Saving Mode, Safety Features, 24", Dark Gray, TCH7915ER
  • Instant Warmth: Packs 1500 watts (5120 BTUs) of power for instant personal heating.
  • Automatically Saves Energy: ECO function automatically adjusts heat and power settings for the most comfortable and economical warmth
  • Peace of Mind: Featuring a thermal shutoff to prevent overheating and an internal tip-over switch that automatically turns the unit off if it falls over.
  • Personalized Comfort: Customize your heating needs with digital controls, including an adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings.
  • Quiet System: Unique technology reduces noise by half so you can comfortably watch TV or sleep.
  • 1500 Watts (5120 BTUs) of power
  • ECO function
  • Shutoff of the thermal source
  • Internal tip-over switch
  • Digital controls
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Multiple temperature settings for different temperatures

 Space heaters are notoriously loud when they are operating. This is why the De’Longhi Ceramic Tower Heater has a new technology that reduces the noise of the device by half. This heater can be placed in your living space or on the TV, whether you’re trying to watch a show or catch up on sleep.

 It is the De’Longhi Ceramic Tower Heater that comes with security features that provide you with peace of mind. It comes with the ability to shut off heat which helps to prevent overheating and the internal tip-over function ensures that the unit is turned off in case it is tipped over.

The De’Longhi Ceramic Tower Heater stands out thanks to its manual timer, which lets you program in advance when and how you’d like to turn the heater off or switched on. It also has an on-foot pedal that allows you to switch on the motorized oscillation, which circulates warm air across a whole room.

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An Ultimate Buying Guide for Space Heaters for Large Rooms

Before purchasing an electric space heater for your home Here are some points to be aware of first.

The various Types

Infrared Heating Systems

The infrared heaters of space emit infrared rays that heat the space. They accomplish this by directly warming objects and people in the room, instead of heating the air surrounding them. They are the quickest method of heating a room since they directly warm you and are a good option for heating the entire room.

Furthermore, they’re very energy efficient as long as they’re installed correctly they can distribute much of the heat to the areas you’ll need it. They can also be used for heating the entire house in your home.

Oil Heaters

An oil heater can also be an electric heater. The heating element heats up the oil inside an internal sealed tank. The oil releases warmth into the space.

They’re also energy efficient. Because the heating oil loses heat gradually and slowly, the heater is able to continue to radiate heat for up to an hour after it’s switched off, in contrast to infrared and ceramic heaters.

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters are known as convection heating. They utilize an element of ceramic to heat the element. Once the heat has been transferred from the heating unit and a fan system is used to distribute the heat all over your space.

The fan can make the distribution of heat extremely efficient, it is also able to send hot air away from your house. The constant blowing can cause allergic reactions to dust and allergens.

What is their power source?

There are two methods to make space heaters work Gas and electricity.

Electric Heating

Around 90% of indoor space heaters run on electricity. They do not emit toxic gases , like, for example propane heaters, so they are relatively safe to use within your home.

An electric heater doesn’t require any special equipment to operate. Just plug the cord into any outlet that is standard and you’re good to go.

Gas Heaters

Like the name implies, they are powered by gas. That means that, unlike an electric heater propane or butane heaters produces carbon monoxide when operating, which makes them unsuitable to be used in rooms with poor ventilation. rooms.

They’re best suited to heating large areas of open space outside. They emit greater heat and are generally less expensive to run over electric units. They’re also easier to transport since they don’t have to worry about cables.

Large Room Space The Heater Options to Think About

What makes a fantastic room heater suitable for huge spaces and zones? Take these aspects into consideration while you search for huge space heaters for your room. Some heaters do not have all these attributes.

Production of heat: An electric space heater must produce at the minimum 1500 watts in a large area. A propane heater must produce an average of 9,000 BTU. Different temperature settings allow any heater to be more flexible. For instance, larger room heaters may include an 1000 or 750 watt option for smaller rooms in addition to its 1500-watt power capacity.

Fan The fan can help bring the warm air into the room that are farthest from the heater. It doesn’t mean that the room will get heated more quickly in the way that some heater literature suggests. This is a false assertion as a fan can’t generate heat. A fan is simply moving heated air.

Oscillation These units are able to move from side to side and feature fans. They move in a range for the various models ranges from 55-85 degrees. If you place the fans in a corner, an angle of 80 degrees arch would move air over all of the space.

portability The smallest 1500-watt heating units are most mobile, with a weight of just under six pounds. Tower/oscillating heating units are also lightweight weighing less than 10lbs. Cabinet heaters weigh the most generally between 22-30 pounds. The majority, however, are equipped with wheels or casters, making them easy to maneuver over hard floors. They’re more difficult to move over carpet. The only big room heaters that can’t be moved are wall-mounted heaters that are fixed on the wall.

Remote Control Remote control adds the convenience of any space heater. Sit on the sofa. Don’t move at your workstation. Simply go to the nightstand. It’s that simple. The best remotes provide similar functions to the control panel that is on the heater. They can turn off or on change the thermostat setting or change the setting or mode, etc.

Digital Thermostat Most space heaters feature dial thermostats. They aren’t the most precise. So, you’ll need to play around with the thermostat to determine what dial setting is appropriate for the temperature degree you’re seeking. Digital thermostats are generally more precise. However, they aren’t perfect. In general, units equipped with a thermostat that is digital will turn off when the room temperature is at the thermostat’s setting. This is due to the fact that the thermostat will be warm and this could affect the thermostat’s sensor.

Timers: The timer can shut off the heater on its own. This stops energy loss. As an example, lower the thermostat of your furnace while you watch TV in a space that’s been insulated by an electric space heater. Set the timer on the heater to at least a couple of hours so that you can be certain that it doesn’t be on all night, warming the room in a dark space while you’re cozy in bed, wrapped in the blanket of a good size.


If you’re seeking answers to a couple of concerns regarding space heaters, then this article may be useful to you. Below are some questions you might ask, which are frequent, and the answers are provided below:

Where can you put the Heating System in a Big Room?

In a large space heating system must be situated at least 3 feet away from any hazardous or fragile substances. Additionally, children and pets shouldn’t be allowed to access this three-foot space. In addition the area should be an area where everyone can receive a sufficient degree of warmth.

Are space heaters for large rooms energy efficient?

Space heaters for big rooms will be more efficient in terms of energy consumption when they are purchased in accordance with the dimensions of the space. The heaters which are too small will not be able to warm all the corners, whereas the ones that are too large could result in an excessive energy losses. In the average the space heater uses 1.5 kWh of electricity costing approximately 16 cents, which is quite affordable.

What Size of a Space Can the Space Heater Cover?

To approximate of 10 watts of heating power for each square feet of surface area on the floor in every room. Therefore, in this scenario the 1500-watt heater could provide warmth to an area of 150 sq feet.

What size of a room will a 1500-watt heater heat?

A 1500-watt heater is able to bring warmth to a small space or room. It produces more than 5100 BTUs of heat in an hour, and up to 34 BTUs worth of heating per square foot. That’s 34 BTUs is equivalent to 10 watts and the total area is 150 sq ft of area covered. In terms of room size, this amounts to a 10-by-15-foot room with a ceiling of 8 feet.

Do you have to leave a space heater on all Night?

Absolutely certainly not. Although advancements in technology are being made it’s not recommended to keep your heater running (gas or electrical) for the entire night as the heat can be enough to spark a fire within the house. Also, you could become poisoned due to carbon dioxide while asleep if you’re using an electric or gas heater and it’s running all through the night.

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