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How to Keep Your Apartment Warm

Underfloor heating, a glazed loggia and a new double-glazed window are no doubt effective ways to add a few degrees to your room thermometer.  How to Keep Your Apartment Warm and Costs Low Install an automatic heating control. It is put on the whole house. The system works, based on the air temperature outside the …

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Dehumidifier vs air purifier

Differences between an air purifier and a dehumidifier

An air purifier puts air through a filter that removes airborne pollutants, such as dust or smoke particles and even pollen, that a dehumidifier cannot. A dehumidifier can prevent mold growth because it removes spores from the air. However, because it cannot control the humidity level in the home, excessive humidity can cause mold to return.
Dehumidifier vs air purifier

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How to clean a dehumidifier? (+ 14 simple maintenance tips)

What should you do to make your dehumidifier works for a long time and without problems? Let’s start from the basics: a household dehumidifier is designed to remove excess moisture and normalize a comfortable level of humidity in a house. It eliminates dampness, mold, and fungus in apartments, private homes, offices, and other domestic premises. …

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